RA-TECH SCAR 完整 CNC 鋼製槍機搭載磁力定位 NPAS CNC鋁合金飛機組 for WE SCAR H / L GBB

商品編號: RAG-WE-256

NT$ 6750

  • Including an aluminum loading nozzle, three nozzle tips, steel
  • nozzle guide set and a tool.
  • 7075 CNC aluminum made
  • for WE SCAR L
  • for WE SCAR H​
Muzzle velocity data range tested with WE SCAR GBB (inner barrel 370mm)/0.2g bb/green gas:
  • Red tip 0-145 m/s (approx. 475 fps)
  • Blue tip 0-125 m/s (approx. 410 fps)
  • Green tip 0-95 m/s (approx. 312 fps)